"Je est un autre." Arthur Rimbaud



William Wilson Doppelganger is  a duo composed of the twins Regis and Brice Abby, french visual artists and Dj/ producers based in Paris.
Regular collaborators of art,fashion and luxury, they used to play / create for several events in Paris, Milan , Munich or London where they perform such as the Royal Albert Hall for the last World fashion awards. Interested in the strong link between visual experience and music they focus also on runway soundtrack projects.

Also visual artists, They show severals exhibition with the gallery Spinello Projects during Art Basel Miami Beach and Armory show week in New-York. The duo take his inspiration in the "double idea" and questioning identity identity with a serial of videos, performance and multimedias installations.

Their upcoming E.P will be a fusion between an electronic musical proposal and their visual
arts research.





special events





- Berlin January 2019 : Exclusive Dj set at GQ Style Night event for Berlin Fashion Week.


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- Shanghai september 2018 : Exclusive DJ set for TIFFANY and co “Paper flowers” global reveal party produced by Bureau Betak.

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- Geneva December 2018 : Exclusive Dj set and sound design for Bucherer building reopening event produced by Quintessentialy.


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- World Fashion awards 2017 : Live music performance for the show at Royal Albert Hall among side Rita Ora, with the international fashion World and VIP guests like Naomi Campbell, Donatella Versace, Raf Simons, Stella McCartney, Edward Enninful, Adwoa Aboah or Erykah Badu...

- Milan Fashion week September 2017 Exclusive Dj set for Swarovski Crystal Wonderland at Villa Gernetto among side Boy George with international guests like Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss or Edward Enninful etc....

- We Love Green Festival (Paris) 2017  : Live streamed music performance for Giorgio Armani stage before Nicolas Jaar Live show.


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Bal de La Rose (Monaco) : Exclusive Dj set For the annual Rose Ball of the prince Albert II of Monaco with the artistic direction of Karl Lagerfeld They. perform among side Lilly Allen and Faada Freddy.

American film festival of Deauville : Dj set for the Opening night party by Khiel's hosted by Orlando Bloom.

Festival International of Film (Festival de Cannes) : Dj set for the opening night of the film festival for the Gastby party by Baz Luhrmann among side Bryan Ferry and Florence and the machine.

Cinema Paradiso by MK2   :  Dj performance at Grand palais in Paris for Paco Rabanne openight night (Puig Group).     Pirelli calendar reveal by Helmut Newton   :  Video synchro and live show at palais de Tokyo.    And many more...

Cinema Paradiso by MK2 : Dj performance at Grand palais in Paris for Paco Rabanne openight night (Puig Group).

Pirelli calendar reveal by Helmut Newton : Video synchro and live show at palais de Tokyo.

And many more...


Visual Arts and performance





ABBY DOUBLE or Doppelganger is a duo of two french artists named Brice and Regis ABBY. They are twin brothers.
The tandem takes its inspiration from the double notion that they have made their own.
They are questioning the idea of duality which is hidden in any human being.

Their work which is based on a romantic conceptional esthetics is articulated around the different aspects of the double notion.
As the French philosopher Clément Rosset puts it, the double is the major symptom of the denial of reality but also the warrant of authenticity. The duo is going to focus on this ambiguity by using fugitive impressions (shadow, reflection, echo).

The apparent rationalism of this artistic demonstration is hiding a contradiction because their creations keep being haunted by the impossibility of leading a real double existence. Beyond this phenomenon, these artists pay attention to the duplication mechanisms from a technical point of view by studying the concept of false pretence by different means of creation.

Their apparent likeness is used as a medium to emphasize the suffering engendered by an intricate identity. This identity is shown in the setting of filmic duels where emphasis is laid on their singular complicity. These creations are similar to a dance of Death. They are the echo effect of an existence which ineluctably cannot end simultaneously.




Fiac pompidou.png

FIAC HORS LES MURS 2017 : Public ART Performance “Double Nap”  inside the Domestikator By Atelier Van Lieshout curated by Natalie Kovacs at Centre George Pompidou.

They perform a nap inside the domestkator.
This project is an echo of Warhol work "Sleep" but mainly about the art piece "the bed" by Toulouse Lautrec. It could seen like an intrusion into the private area of the twins duo...








Silencio Paris , special projects : Art video installation from the serial "Border of Shade" and expiremental set

by Doppelganger for a classic concert with Johannes Pramsohler and Jadran Duncumb supported by Medici.TV






Vaguely one hundred stairs.jpg

Silencio Paris, Film series : Video film projection of "Vaguely one hundred stairs" amog side projects by Joana

Preiss and Zoe Leber.

Part of the selected movies was broacasted by  media like "Nowness" or "Purple", the film explore the human wandering in a melting decor of vestiges of the past and contemporary stigmats...







rebecca syndroma.jpg

REBECCA SYNDROMA, "The guard", (Print on archival paper, framed), 2013

This series deal with a derived aspect of the double. In this case obsession or fixed idea which can be a food for thought according Gaston Bachelard. Rebecca syndrom term is the mental trouble of mother of twins, it has been created by René Zazzo (pedo psychiatrist).

In fact some twins mother feel a violent battle in their uterus. Abby double use apparent intrauterine medical examination to create a simulacrum : Fighting defensive position. This work is a personal echo to their father radiologist (Dr) activity... This piece was part of the group show Closer at Spinello Projects (Miami),during Art Basel Miami Beach.






reflection reflecction.jpg

REFLECTION, REFLECTION,(handcutted mirrors, Glass table), 2012
That performance is part of the series "Duel" of Abby double artists duo. In this showdown the two artists will play a strange abstract strategy game by using sharp mirrors the action creates a double reflection phenomenon. The first one is on the physics aspect of the reflection with the mirrors and the second on the thought for the game ( a pseudo tautology).The sharpness of the mirrors turns their owns im- ages into potential hurtful double.The game which let no fate happen has been played several times .in the troubling french new wave movie "L' année derniere à Marienbad" of Alain Resnais. They performed during the vernissage of the exhibition Closer at Spinello Projects during Art Basel Miami Beach.








Group Show "Join" Spinello Projects (Miami), Installation "Sequencial scanning of a replicant" part of the group inspired on a project of the Artist Felix Gonzales-Torres.

This piece is a part of their research on the concept of reproduction of the real.
The process is a tayloristic copying of their ID photograph and each time the first images are lead to nothingness...










Performance "Pareto Optimum" (gas masks, handcuff, key, plug), 2011

The summation of conclusive ideas from Emmanuel Kant's seminal work critique of Pure reason was plublished two years later as a short treatise know as "Prolegomena to any future Metaphysics that will be able to be present as a Science .(1783)

They re-appropriate the contextual issues of threat, power and trust into an intuitive live performance. Exacting a fragile almost ethereal balance of dominance and surrender is the primary of these artists. Their work demonstrates the blurry borders between life-saving and life-threating gestures,

The post-modern sympthom of repetition, perpetually erasing itself from conscious memory and fragments of Romantic conceptualism are key factors of their multidisciplinary collective pratice.


Pareto optimal is a project part of the serial “Duellum” by the artistic Duo Abby Double. In their work explore the question of duality peculiar to each person and some unfamiliar aspect of the double. Pareto optimal is an economics concept, in regard to which the situation of a economic agent can’t be better off without worse off a another one...
They apply this theory in an unusual duel based on the relation of trust and power. The run of the performance is of one hour and half, they used for this duel one handcuffs , two gas masks and a plug to stop the breathe... In a continuous loop they successively push their breath limit.







Présentation sans titre (6).png

Extract Interview on Wonderland magazine (Miami) about our Art projects 2013.

Full interview